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Survive Your Tax Audit with Us on Your Side.

Professional Tax Audit Help for Individuals and Businesses.

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Worry-Free Tax Audit Help

Penalties for late payment, late filing, or fraudulent returns can be avoided with our help

Tax Audit Penalties

Penalties for late payment, late filing, or fraudulent returns can come as a result of being audited by a state tax authority or the IRS. Avoiding or abating the penalties may be possible with our help.

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Let us help you understand tax audit

Tax Audit Process

From your notification letter to the IRS or state’s conclusion, the tax audit process can sometimes be lengthy and confusing. Let us help smooth it out.

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Having a good tax audit representation can can make a world of difference

Tax Audit Representation

When you're faced with a frustrating, complex audit, having good tax audit representation can make a world of difference. We work on your behalf to make things straightforward and simple.

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Who gets audited by the IRS?

IRS audits can be random or triggered by something on your tax return that is against the norm. Your chances of being audited are slim if you’re compliant when filing, which is easy to do with a reputable tax preparer and tax software on your side.

There’s no reason to fear a notice from the IRS or a request for audit letter as long as you can provide the requested documentation to the taxing authorities. Some types of audit, like a small business audit, can be more complicated or even require an in-person investigation.

Audit assistance from a tax pro can be a real life-saver, especially when it comes to navigating the murky waters of tax law and code. Our tax professionals can help you navigate the stages of preparation, examination, and the conclusion that is involved with the audit process.

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