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No One Wants to Suffer Through a Tax Audit Process Headache.

Relieve your IRS tax audit process stress with our expert help.

1.1 million tax returns

for 2016 were audited.

34,000 audits

resulted in additional refunds to taxpayers.

$6.0 billion

in refunds were given to taxpayers audited for their 2016 tax returns.

Why choose Tax Defense Network for help with the tax audit filing process?

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Work with trusted professionals who care about bringing you peace of mind.

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With a decade in business, our extensive expertise is at your service.

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What We Do


During your free, no-commitment consultation, we will discuss any audit notices you received in the mail and where you stand with your taxes and finances.


Our tax audit professionals prepare your case for your audit, keeping your best interest in mind. We ensure that everything is prepared correctly and quickly.


We’ll work with your auditor on your behalf, providing your case and any other information needed. Our team will have your back through the whole income tax audit process and are always available by phone or email.

“I am very pleased with my recent association with Tax Defense Network. All the representatives that I dealt with were knowledgeable, professional and compassionate at a very scary time in my life. [My representative] verbally held my hand through the entire process. She kept me in the loop every step of the way. I will forever be indebted to this agency.”

- Linda H.

Common Questions About Tax Audit Process

Q: What does tax audit mean?
An income tax audit process is when the IRS or state taxing authority examines your individual or business tax return.
Q: What happens if you get audited?

It depends on what type of IRS tax audit process you experience. With any audit type, you’ll get a notification by mail informing you of the audit. You’ll need to provide any proof or information required (like receipts, record books, mortgage statements and documents, brokerage account statements, pay stubs, and W-2 forms).

If the provided proof satisfies the IRS, your tax return will not change. But if there is an outstanding issue, the IRS may propose changes to your return. You can choose to accept these changes and pay any additional charges. Alternatively, you can choose to challenge the changes, which will trigger further review or a formal appeals process.

Q: What are the different types of federal tax audit process?

Whether you’re going through an individual or corporate tax audit process, there are three types of federal audits:

  • Mail audits: The IRS will audit you via mail.
  • Office audits: The IRS will meet with you at an IRS office.
  • Field audits: The IRS will meet with you at your business/home. Typically reserved for complex audits, like a small business tax audit process.
Q: How long does an audit take?
It really depends on the type of audit, the complexity of the issues, the availability of information, the availability of you and the auditor for scheduling meetings, and whether you agree with the findings. However, most tax audit processes are completed within a year.
Q: How long does the IRS have to audit you?
Per the tax code, the IRS has three years from when you filed your return to charge you any additional taxes. The only exceptions to this assessment statute of limitations are when fraud or a back tax return is involved. The IRS can legally undergo the tax return audit process with you until those three years pass.
Q: How many years back can the IRS audit?
The IRS usually doesn’t go back more than the last six years when they are auditing you. They tend to include returns filed within the last three years but will add additional years if a substantial error is identified.

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