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IRS Back Taxes Shouldn’t Set You Back.

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is the average amount of back taxes owed by delinquent taxpayers in 2017.

10 years

is how long the IRS has to collect your back taxes (and how long you’ll suffer through liens, levies, wage garnishment, and more if no action is taken).

$57.8 billion

in back taxes were written off by the IRS from 2012 to 2017.

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During your no-cost, no-commitment consultation, we’ll gather information about your IRS back taxes and your current financial situation.


After we get a good sense of your IRS back taxes owed, we look even further into your options and craft customized recommendations for you.


We don’t just show you how to file and pay back taxes – we work with the IRS on your behalf to ensure your back taxes are filed and paid appropriately. We keep you in the loop the whole time and will always be just a phone call or email away.

“Everyone I contacted at TDN was professional and supportive of my problem of back taxes owed to the IRS. They assured me at every step, as I continued to receive letters from the IRS, that they were in control of the situation and not to worry. In the end, they absolutely provided the service they promised and I couldn't be happier with the results. I would highly recommend this business to anyone who is experiencing problems paying back taxes.”

- Lynn W.

Common Questions About Back Taxes

Q: What are back taxes?
Back taxes are unpaid taxes from a previous year (or years). These unpaid taxes could be federal, state, or local taxes.
Q: What happens if I have back taxes?

Taxpayers that owe back taxes receive an IRS notice to alert them of the amount owed, the due date for payment, IRS penalties and interest, and basic instructions on how to respond. Sometimes it’s easy to take care of your back taxes quickly, but other times, it’s not so simple.

Non-payment of your total due taxes (including late payment) will trigger monthly IRS penalties and interest – something you want to avoid. While these penalties are eventually maxed out, the IRS charges daily interest (typically between three to eight percent). When you continue to not file back taxes, the IRS can file a tax lien for the year you owe the tax debt, garnish your wages or levy your bank accounts. Ideally, when you get that first notice about your back taxes, you’ll want to seek IRS back tax help.

Q: How much do I owe in back taxes?
The notice you receive from the IRS about your back taxes should have the original amount owed, any penalties and interest charged, and the total amount of back taxes owed after penalties and interest.
Q: How far back can the IRS go to collect taxes?
The IRS back taxes statute of limitations is ten years. During the ten years from the date your back taxes were assessed, the IRS can try to collect what they are owed through collections methods including liens, levies, and wage garnishment. Once those ten years are up, the IRS is not allowed to continue these collections methods.
Q: How far back can I file taxes?
You’re allowed three years from the deadline to file your previous year return and claim your refund. Generally, you’ll have to go back and file your last six years of tax returns and pay any back taxes to return to good standing with the IRS.
Q: If I owe back taxes, will it delay my refund?
Yes, it can delay and even cause you to not receive your refund. If you owe back taxes, your refund will be automatically applied against those taxes you owe.
Q: How do I pay back taxes?
If you have the money needed, paying back taxes to the IRS is easy. You can use IRS Direct Pay or the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). Alternatively, you can make payments by check, money order, and debit or credit cards.

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