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Stop Wage Garnishment in Its Tracks.

Our tax pros are experts in wage garnishment laws and can help you get your paycheck back.

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of your earnings can be legally garnished.

30 days

is how early the IRS can issue a wage levy after a final notice and intent to levy is issued.

10 years

is how long the IRS can garnish your wages to try to collect unpaid taxes from the date they were assessed (or until you’ve paid them back).

Why choose Tax Defense Network for help with paycheck garnishment?

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With a decade in business, our extensive expertise is at your service.

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What We Do

“Right off the bat, [Tax Defense Network] made me feel very comfortable. I was just looking for a solution that would allow me to pay off what I owed without the IRS garnishing my paycheck every week. I tried for months to speak with someone at the IRS, and it was literally impossible.

TDN kept me informed every step of the way. They were able to contact the IRS, set up a payment plan, and stop my check from being garnished in a few weeks’ time. I had been trying to accomplish that for almost 6 months. It was worth it for the peace of mind. I would highly recommend TDN to my family and friends…and complete strangers.”

- John F.

Common Questions About Wage Garnishment

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