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Hit Deadlines and Maximize Deductions with Professional Tax Preparation Service.

We help individuals and businesses file timely tax returns to optimize tax breaks and avoid mistakes the first time.

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We help businesses in multiple ways

Business Tax Preparation

We help businesses, from self-employed to corporations, keep up with tax deadlines throughout the year and optimize savings.

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Inexpensive tax filing is available

Individual Tax Preparation

Don’t miss a beat. Our inexpensive tax return filing or amending is available for any U.S. taxpayer for both state and federal taxes.

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Avoid heavy tax penalties

Payroll Taxes

Don’t put your business and employees in a bad spot with messy payroll taxes. Stay compliant and get your paycheck withholdings right to avoid heavy tax penalties.

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Get help determining which tax form you need

Tax Forms

The IRS and your State have multiple, complicated tax forms, whether you’re a business or individual taxpayer. We can help you determine which tax forms you need to file, and do it correctly the first time.

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How does Tax Defense Network compare to online tax preparation services?

We don’t just throw you into a queue and leave complicated tax filing for someone else. Tax Defense Network’s tax preparers learn about your situation, whether as a business or individual filer, to get your taxes done right and on time. We handle the entire process with close attention to detail and deadlines. The best part? We don’t charge high, hourly fees like a CPA.

We specialize in the following tax preparation services for federal, state, and beyond:

  • Federal income tax returns for:

    • Individuals (Form 1040)
    • Sole proprietorships (Form 1040)
    • Partnerships (Form 1065)
    • S-corporations (Form 1120S)
    • Corporations (Form 1120)
  • State and local taxes

  • Personal and business tax return preparation

  • Amended returns for individual, business, and payroll taxes

  • Payroll tax

  • Multi-state taxation

  • International returns for businesses and individuals

  • Estates and trusts

Need a little help getting organized for next tax season?
Download our Individual Tax Prep Checklist to get prepared.


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