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Say “I Do” to Innocent Spouse Relief, Not Your Spouse’s Tax Debt.

You may have chosen your spouse, but you don’t have to choose their back taxes.


of married couples filed jointly in 2016.


of the tax debt liability falls on both spouses in a marriage who file jointly.


of first marriages end in divorce.

Why choose Tax Defense Network for help with a request for Innocent Spouse Relief?

A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

Work with trusted professionals who care about bringing you peace of mind.

Licensed tax professionals

With a decade in business, our extensive expertise is at your service.

Free initial consultation

Commitment-free, no-cost consultation with a tax professional to get started.

Easy, affordable, and customized to you

Personalized solutions that fit your life and your budget.

What We Do


Give us a call to get your commitment-free, no-cost consultation. We’ll discuss information relevant to your Innocent Spouse claim, then we’ll dive into researching the best solution for you.


In analyzing your situation, we will create a personalized recommendation for Innocent Spouse Relief. We’ll figure out how to best solve your issue with your spouse or ex-spouse’s tax debt.


We’ll give you extensive Innocent Spouse Relief instructions, including how to complete and file IRS Form 8857, Innocent Spouse Relief Form. We’ll do more than just give you an Innocent Spouse Relief letter example though; we’ll help you every step of the way and even file the request on your behalf, all while keeping you consistently informed. We’ll always be just a phone call or email away.

“[We were looking] for resolution of several years of tax issues lingering over our heads that snowballed into an overwhelming sense of despair. My spouse and I were treated with respect and concern for our situation. Tax Defense Network took care of all our tax issues in a quick and legal manner with excellent results. Our despair turned into joy twofold plus we are 100% compliant. Thanks for all that you do!”

- Katherine W.

Common Questions About Innocent Spouse Relief

Q: Where can I find Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief?
The IRS offers the Innocent Spouse Relief Form 8857 here.
Q: Is there a time limit for filing Innocent Spouse Relief Form 8857?
Generally, you must file Form 8857 no later than two years after the first IRS attempt to collect the tax debt. There are exceptions to this rule though, and our tax professionals can help you navigate those confusing waters.
Q: What if I don’t qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief?
If you don’t qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief and are held liable for the due balance, our consultants are well equipped to find an alternative solution for you to resolve your tax issues. For example, you may qualify for an agreement that allows you to make monthly payments over a period of time, or you may even qualify for Currently Non-Collectible status, which allows you to make no payments to the IRS until your financial situation improves.
Q: If I’m separated or divorced, am I free from my former spouse’s tax debt?
Unfortunately, whether you’re married, separated, or divorced, the IRS will not let you off the hook if the tax debt was assessed against you during your marriage. Both you and your spouse are legally liable for the tax debt assessed during the marriage. IRS Innocent Spouse Relief can make you no longer liable for the due balance.
Q: Will the IRS contact my spouse/former spouse if I file for Innocent Spouse Relief?
Yes. The IRS is required by law to reach out to your spouse/former spouse. That person will be able to provide information for consideration regarding your IRS Innocent Spouse Relief claim.

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