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#PayMyStudentLoans Contest
We’ve consulted on over $16 billion in tax debt since 2007 - See what real people are saying about how we changed their life

We’re on Your Side When It Comes to Tax Debt Negotiation.

Negotiating tax debt with the IRS is our thing. Enjoying a resolution is yours.


of calls to the IRS about a collection matter were answered during filing season in 2017.

18 minutes

was the average IRS hold time in 2016.

0 minutes

is how long Tax Defense Network clients wait on the phone with the IRS (who doesn’t want a tax professional to handle those IRS calls for you?).

Why choose Tax Defense Network for tax debt negotiation?

A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau

Work with trusted professionals who care about bringing you peace of mind.

Licensed tax professionals

With a decade in business, our extensive expertise is at your service.

Free initial consultation

Commitment-free, no-cost consultation with a tax professional to get started.

Easy, affordable, and customized to you

Personalized solutions that fit your life and your budget.

What We Do


During your free, no-commitment consultation, we’ll chat with you to discuss your current tax and financial situation. Getting to know you and where you are in life is vital for us to figure out which solution works best for you.


We look into your tax issues and craft personalized recommendations for tax debt negotiations with the IRS.


After we’ve decided on a plan, we’ll do more than show you how to negotiate tax debt with the IRS; we’ll roll our sleeves up and negotiate with the IRS for you. You’ll be kept in the loop at every step and we’ll always be just a phone call or email away.

“TDN has been extremely helpful to us in every way. They have been straight up with us about what's possible (and not). Their negotiating a strong and reasonable settlement with the IRS has, among other things, bought us valuable time and a very manageable monthly payment, without a lot of rigmarole.”

- Carl D.

Common Questions About Tax Negotiation

Q: Can you negotiate tax debt with the IRS?
Yes. Tax negotiation is an option for you. Tax professionals like ours have years and years of experience negotiating with the IRS in a variety of different cases.
Q: Can I do my own income tax negotiation?
Negotiating tax debt with the IRS on your own is not out of the question, but it is difficult depending on your situation. However, tax negotiation companies can assess which negotiations are available to you and which would be the most likely to both be accepted by the IRS and give you the outcome desired. When it comes to tax debt, going with professionals who are experts in dealing with tax debt negotiation is more likely to get you a relatively stress-free win than doing it yourself. Learn more about the advantages of hiring professionals here.
Q: What do tax negotiators charge?
Prices will vary depending on the tax negotiation services. Make sure you go with a company that is transparent about pricing upfront. Tax Defense Network professionals will outline pricing and financing options as part of your free, no-commitment consultation.

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