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When to Hire a Licensed Tax Professional

Why Tax Debt Resolution Isn’t Always an Easy DIY Fix
Resolving IRS tax issues can be time-consuming, complicated, and stressful. Even if you found the time to wait and sit on the phone with an IRS agent, you may not be comfortable forking over your personal and financial information. On the other hand, a licensed tax professional knows and understands the qualifications for payment plans or forgiveness programs that the IRS may not offer you directly.

Questions to Ask When You Have Tax Debt

  • “How serious is my tax issue?”
  • “What are my options?”
  • “Do I need a tax professional to assist me in choosing the most successful tax debt resolution?”

The DIY Approach: Dealing with the IRS Yourself

Online research: In many cases, resolving your IRS issue is possible with help from the internet. Unsure if you have a tax issue? Visit www.irs.gov to see your possible debt situation and how involved the fix is. If you only need to file income returns for the previous year, you can use a free online service. When it comes to resolving back taxes, seek professional assistance.

IRS tax help phone line: A taxpayer can call the IRS to discuss a variety of concerns, including how to obtain copies of a previous year’s federal income return, general filing questions, or how to speak with someone in person. If you need help with back taxes (especially in serious cases), get a free, confidential consultation from a tax professional.

What you need to know before hiring a tax professional: Tax professionals such as CPAs, enrolled agents, and attorneys are great resources and can assist you with tax debt resolution. It’s important to trust whoever you hire since they will have access to your personal and financial information. Here are some useful tips for choosing your tax debt resolution company.

What to avoid:

  • Too-good-to-be-true offers
  • Tax tricks or loopholes to avoid paying your liability
  • Entire up-front payment requested before any services are provided (including your first consultation)
  • Vagueness about your solutions or execution

What to look for:

  • Experience handling a variety of tax issues, including IRS and state
  • Positive ratings on credible third-party review sites, like Better Business Bureau
  • A free initial consultation with a clearly defined process explained
  • A variety of tax professionals on staff, including CPAs, licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents and tax attorneys

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What Licensed Tax Professionals Can Do

Licensed tax professionals can lift a wage garnishment, prevent or release a bank levy, and negotiate the terms of a payment agreement. They know the ins and outs of the IRS – including what taxpayers should and shouldn’t disclose, timelines for taking action, or options the IRS does not what you knowing about.

Tax Audits: A licensed tax professional can represent you during an audit to ensure that your examination is handled fairly and accurately. If you’re unsure of if you need professional assistance, get a free consultation from a tax debt resolution company like Tax Defense Network to help you make the right decisions.

DIY vs. Hire Tax Pros Infographic

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