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Company Philosophy

Tax Defense Network has continuously maintained the highest standards of representation. Our company has been doing business since 1997. We follow a strict code of ethics in a field that is plagued with high-profile scandals from other the leading names in the industry. This high standard of ethics produced our FIRE & ICE philosophy that has been helping achieve successful results for over a decade.


It is very easy for other IRS tax relief firms to make big claims, but it is difficult for them to live up to them. We do not make exaggerated claims because it can hurt our clients by wasting their time and money.

We believe that taxpayers should be fully informed with realistic expectations (FIRE) about their tax situation. This philosophy has become the basis of all consultations we provide to taxpayers because we understand the worries of our clients. We help our clients overcome their anxiousness by communicating with them frequently, informing them about every detail of their case, and helping them understand the IRS programs and policies they qualify for.


The mission of Tax Defense Network is to provide the best service to taxpayers without the hype, exaggerated claims, and restricting company policies. We never forget who we are working for and never put profits above people. This is how we ensure we give all clients an ideal client experience (ICE).

Our operations are totally transparent. From the day Tax Defense Network clients call for a free consultation to the day their tax troubles are resolved, everything is on the table from the beginning so that the client can make an informed decision.

In order to provide clients with an ideal client experience, Tax Defense Network operates under these ethical policies:

  • No Retainer Fees – We believe in a fair, flat price that never changes.
  • Excellent Refund Policy – We are a company that stands behind our work and will work to resolve any discrepancies a client has with our services.
  • No Pressure Agreement – With Tax Defense Network, there’s no pressure; you always have three days to change your mind after you have hired our tax professionals.

Tax Defense Network is the American taxpayers’ choice for trustworthy IRS tax relief, and we never want that to change. Contact Tax Defense Network today to see the difference for yourself.

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