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Gold Star Client Care

Although we take great pride in the excellent service we provide taxpayers, we realize all companies need to have a department dedicated to the feedback our clients have about our services. We established our Gold Star Client Care department the moment we started our business, with the primary goal of keeping our clients satisfied. Through this department, Tax Defense Network is able to make sure that clients are always receiving superior service.

Be assured – we hear you, and we care.

The Gold Star Client Care Process

Tax Defense Network is one team of professionals ready to go the extra mile for clients. But the heart of our company is our Gold Star Client Care Department because client satisfaction is not just our number one goal, it’s our only goal.

Our Gold Star Client Care representatives have been trained extensively to help address any concerns our clients may have when going through the sometimes difficult tax resolution process. These concerns are studied and analyzed, and the solutions formulated are passed on to all client-facing departments to prevent the same problems and concerns for future clients.

We believe our aggressive efforts with the IRS to achieve fair tax debt resolutions are part of why we serve over 4,000 taxpayers per month nationwide. Yet, as we continue to grow in numbers, we want to ensure every client still receives an Ideal Client Experience, and the Gold Star Client Care Department is how we plan to make that happen.

How to Contact Gold Star Client Care

Gold Star Client Care is unique in its design because while it was established to help current clients by providing a direct means of communication for questions, concerns, and feedback about the service they have received, it is also a resource center for past and potential clients. Even after a case has been closed, past clients are invited to come to us with any questions or concerns about their tax resolution. In addition, those who have already had a consultation about a tax debt resolution (even by a competitor!) are welcome to contact us for a second opinion.

Gold Star Client Care Hotline Number: (877) 856-5118
Gold Star Client Care E-Mail:

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