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What Do Tax Resolution Companies Do?

July 28, 2015

Many taxpayers find it difficult to deal with the IRS alone and look for help. Tax resolution companies offer important assistance in the resolution of tax debt issues. A tax relief organization will work with the IRS on the taxpayer’s behalf to find a formal resolution.

A tax resolution company can provide the following services to taxpayers:

Reduction or Removal of Penalties

Penalties can quickly inflate a tax debt. A licensed tax professional will determine if you qualify for penalty abatement.

Payment in Installments

For quick resolution, taxpayers often request installment payments. In choosing the appropriate payment plan that works to your benefit, a tax resolution company can be a valuable asset.

Tax debt reduction

Taxpayers that cannot afford to pay their full tax debt may consider getting a reduction. If you have limited ability to pay, you may qualify for such a reduction. Using legal help is critical for requesting this type of resolution.

Postponement of tax debt

All IRS collection activity can be suspended if you qualify for Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. A tax professional can determine if you have zero ability to pay your tax liability.

Removal of federal tax lien and levy

When faced with a tax lien or levy, taxpayers often panic. In case of aggressive collection actions by the IRS, you must immediately seek professional help so that timely action can be taken to protect you. You can avoid such action and obtain a permanent resolution to your debt problem with the assistance of a licensed tax professional.


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