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private debt collection knocking

The Truth About the IRS’s Private Debt Collection Agencies

The IRS has called for backup from the private sector, and these four companies could be coming after your tax debt in lieu of the IRS. Here’s what you need to know to stay informed, lawful and safe.

April 19, 2018

Celebrate Tax Day blog

4 Practical (and Freeing) Ways to Celebrate Tax Day

Tax Day isn’t anyone’s favorite holiday. Whether you own a corporation or started your first part-time job last year, the April deadline is stressful for the entire U.S. population. But


April 12, 2018

Spilled Salt

When Itemizing Tax Deductions, Hold the SALT

No matter where you live in the U.S., you have to pay taxes (sorry). But the type and amount you pay do depend on where you live. Now, taxpayers in


March 27, 2018

Tax Reform Fortune Cookie

No Healthcare, No Problem: Tax Reform Slashes Obamacare Penalty

2010 brought us the iPhone 4, a first Super Bowl win for the Saints, and Lee DeWyze’s claim to fame on American Idol. And while these things promised a new


March 21, 2018

Pass through

How Pass-through Businesses Win at Taxes

Across the country, CPAs are crunching (and crunching, and crunching) numbers to assess how their clients can benefit from the new tax reform law. And for business owners, becoming a


March 12, 2018

March 15 business tax deadline

7 Things S Corporations & Partnerships Need to Know for the Tax Deadline

If you’re a business owner, you know taxes are a part of the gig. And for S Corporations and Partnerships, the spring tax deadline is even earlier than for most


March 1, 2018

Sales Tax Exposed: What Amazon’s Decision Means for Online Sellers

Sales Tax Exposed: What Amazon’s Decision Means for Online Sellers

As sales tax revenues continue to downward spiral, the online sales community is destined to become a piggy bank for the government. A recent decision by Amazon triggered what could


January 25, 2018

Is Your Passport in Jeopardy Because of Tax Debt?

Traveling around the world is already hard enough – and now for those with tax debt, it’s going to be even harder. Starting this month, the IRS is enforcing procedures


January 19, 2018

Bitcoin: (Mis)Fortune?

  Cryptocurrency investments, such as Bitcoin, are on the rise. You see it on the news and in your digital feeds. The IRS sees this money as taxable and is


December 21, 2017

6 Ways the IRS Budget Cut Affects Taxpayers

The White House is saying “snip, snip” to the IRS’s budget this year, but not for the first time. The agency’s allowance has been cut by 20 percent in just seven years, even though it collects $4 for every $1 spent. The cuts will affect taxpayers these six ways.

September 20, 2017

Tax Season Starts Today!

The 2016 tax season starts today, January 19, and will end on April 18, 2016. The filing deadline has been extended to April 18 because the Emancipation Day holiday falls


January 19, 2016

Tax Tips on Extended Tax Filing

This Tax year, nearly 13 million taxpayers applied to the IRS for extending their tax filing date due to some financial constraints, this extra time is going to expire on


September 23, 2015

Estimated Tax Payments

If your income is not subject to withholding, you may need to pay estimated taxes. Usually, corporations and those who are self-employed pay estimated payments because they have no one


September 15, 2015

IRS Disaster Relief 2015

The IRS offers tax help to those affected by natural disasters. Usually, the help is in the form of postponing deadlines for the filing of tax returns and paying of


August 6, 2015

Tax News: Affordable Care Act Taxes Update

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), every American is required to have healthcare coverage or an exemption. Yet, about 7.5 million Americans paid around $200 in penalties for not being


August 4, 2015

IRS Gets Tax Season Report Card

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) has made public a report on the performance of the IRS in the recently-concluded tax filing season. In the report, TIGTA says


April 21, 2015

The Tax Season So Far

A little more than a month into tax season, the IRS says that almost 40 million tax refunds worth nearly $125 billion have been issued as of Feb 20. The


March 5, 2015

Lowest Ever Taxpayer Services from the IRS

This tax season can easily be considered to be “difficult” for taxpayers. After the additional Affordable Care Act (ACA) filing requirements for employees and employers, return filers are also facing


March 3, 2015

The Affordable Care Act and Your Tax Return

The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, has introduced many new rules for people to comply with. Every U.S. citizen and non-U.S. citizen living in the U.S. was required


February 24, 2015

Tax Season Opens Today!

The tax filing season is open! Taxpayers can now file their tax returns electronically or through the mail. Even though the deadline to file is still months away, be sure


January 20, 2015

Watch Your Mailbox this Tax Season

Identify thieves have devised a bold way to steal people’s identities: right from their mailboxes. Criminals are stealing documents from mailboxes to commit tax and other financial crimes. This has


January 13, 2015

Opening Day of Tax Season Announced!

The 2015 tax season will begin on 20th January. The IRS was apprehensive about the start of the tax season because of the delay by Congress in extending many 2013


December 30, 2014

Tax News: The Tax Increase Prevention Act Signed!

The much-awaited Tax Increase Prevention Act (H.R. 5771) was finally signed by President Barack Obama. More than 50 tax breaks that expired in 2013 were extended temporarily. Taxpayers use breaks


December 23, 2014

IRS Updates Mileage Rates for 2015

The mileage rate is the rate at which small businesses and self-employed persons can deduct expenses on each mile driven for charitable, business, and medical or moving purposes. You can


December 16, 2014

The Affordable Care Act and Your 2014 Taxes

The Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, requires each member of your family to have qualifying health insurance. If you cannot, then you must get an exemption, or make


December 11, 2014

Tax News: Will Congress Revive Tax Breaks?

Dozens of tax breaks expired in 2013, but can still be extended for 2014 and beyond if Congress takes action before December 31 of this year. There is hope that


December 2, 2014

Tax News: Miserable Tax Season Ahead

The 2015 tax filing season may not be as uneventful as previous seasons. The IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told tax practitioners at the National Tax Conference in Washington, D.C. that


November 11, 2014

The IRS Could Do Better, Says Treasury Inspector General

According to a report by the Treasury Inspector General Tax Administration (TIGTA), the IRS must make improvements in their selection process to pursue tax debt cases that are more likely


October 30, 2014

Findings Show IRS Notices Not Written in Plain English

The IRS has been advertising the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. It includes ten rights that taxpayers have when dealing with the IRS. Among those ten rights, the first right quoted


October 21, 2014

Filing Deadline is Tomorrow!

Taxpayers that used the tax filing extension this tax season are required to file and pay their taxes by October 15, 2014, which is tomorrow. After the extension deadline, the


October 14, 2014

IRS Falls Short in Collection Efforts

A new report released by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) reveals inconsistencies in Internal Revenue Service collection efforts. This report follows an audit conducted for fiscal year


October 1, 2014

Tax Tips for Teachers

If you are a teacher or an educator, you can save up to $250 on school supplies. If you are married filing jointly, and you and your spouse can save


August 19, 2014

Summer Camp Tax Tip!

If your kids are joining a summer day camp, they’ll be having a lot of fun while you get the consolation of saving on taxes. As with most expenses, there


July 31, 2014

IRS Eases Offshore Compliance Programs

It has now become easier for taxpayers with offshore accounts to get back into tax compliance by using the IRS’ Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP). In an effort to encourage


July 10, 2014

The IRS’ New Voluntary Certification Program

The IRS will soon be rolling out a new voluntary certification program meant to prepare paid tax preparers for the 2015 filing season and to encourage them to learn more


July 8, 2014

Taxpayer Rights Part 1: The Right to Be Informed and the Right to Quality Service

The IRS announced the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to help taxpayers become aware of their basic rights when communicating with the IRS. The Taxpayer Bill of Rights adds no new


June 19, 2014

IRS Adopts a “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

The IRS has announced its “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” to help taxpayers understand their legal rights when dealing with the IRS. Taxpayer’s rights include the right to pay no more


June 17, 2014

April 15th: Tax Day

The April 15th tax filing deadline is here at last! Before the midnight of April 15th, if the IRS does not receive your tax return with at least 90% of


April 15, 2014

Tax Day Only a Week Away!

The deadline to file your taxes is just a week away and if you haven’t yet filed your tax return yet, quickly review these tips. They will help you to


April 8, 2014

Cancelled Home Mortgage Debt

The IRS requires taxpayers to pay tax on forgiven debt. This means that whenever a lender cancels or forgives money that you owe, you typically have to pay taxes on


March 18, 2014

How to Deduct Medical and Dental Expenses

If you will be deducting medical expenses this year, you may want to take a look at the new rules for deducting medical and dental expenses. The six things that


March 4, 2014

Itemized Deductions vs. the Standard Deduction: When to Itemize

Many taxpayers get confused about whether to itemize their deductions or take the standard deduction. Two out of three taxpayers use the standard deduction, but sometimes it is in your


February 20, 2014

Despite Delay, Tax Season Running Smoothly

Though tax filing season started later than expected, in the first week of filing the Internal Revenue service received 27.3 million returns and issued 19.5 million refunds, an increase compared


February 18, 2014

What to Do if Your Employer Does Not Issue a W-2

At the end of each tax year, employers are required to issue a Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement which details how much you made and how much income, social


February 11, 2014

Fuel Efficient Motor Vehicle Tax Credits

If you drive certain motor vehicles such as an electric or hybrid car, then you can claim a tax credit that can bring down your tax bill. Your vehicle will


February 6, 2014

The Standard Deduction for 2013

When preparing tax returns, many taxpayers calculate taxes using both standard deduction and itemized deduction. Standard deduction is adjusted every year for inflation. For 2013, the standard deduction amounts are:


January 14, 2014

Holiday Party and Entertainment Deductions for Small Business Owners

It’s the holiday season and companies are holding parties and giving gifts to their employees. Although taxes are not necessarily thought about at celebrations, you can save in taxes if


December 26, 2013

FBAR versus FATCA Form 8938: Reporting Overseas Assets

There are many similarities between the Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR) and IRS Form 8938 (required under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or FATCA), which has caused


December 19, 2013

Effects of the Shutdown on Taxpayers

The IRS shutdown that lasted for 16 days worried taxpayers about tax return deadlines, refunds, tax lien, and many tax processes that were still underway when the shutdown happened. But


October 24, 2013

Tax Defense Network's Fight Against Cyber Bully

This weekend, Tax Defense Network updated its website with news of a recent Cyber Bully Attack. Over the past three weeks, Tax Defense Network has been systematically hit with negative


October 22, 2013

What the Shutdown Meant for the IRS

During the shutdown, the IRS closed many of its operations. Starting October 17, the agency started to reopen its operations, but the wait may be a little longer, as employees


October 22, 2013

Why are Penalty Abatements Popular?

Penalty Abatement is the full or partial removal of IRS penalties by the IRS under special circumstances. Taxpayers under tax debt can get their penalties reduced or removed to decrease


October 8, 2013

Self-employed May Review Tax Withholdings and Payments

The self-employed and small businesses with employees should review their tax withholdings to determine whether they meet the present tax filing standards. Many times, taxpayers receive a rude awakening when


August 29, 2013

Benefits of Small Business Retirement Plans

Employers can benefit from a retirement plan for their business and/or their employees in terms of the financial security and as well as the tax advantages it provides. Experts estimate


August 27, 2013

Small Businesses Fear Internet Sales Tax

The Marketplace Fairness Act is a proposal that recently passed in the Senate and will require state governments to collect sales taxes and use taxes on all sales by online


August 22, 2013

Small Business Owners Demand Attention from Obama

The proposal for corporate tax reform by President Barack Obama did not include a solution to the problems and demands of small businesses. Small businesses, like large corporations, support corporate


August 20, 2013

Small Businesses Pay Double Taxes than Corporations: Study

A study by the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the S Corporation Association found that most small businesses pay more than double in taxes than larger corporations. S corporations


August 15, 2013

IRS Increases Scrutiny of Small Businesses

The IRS is zeroing in on small businesses to review their tax compliance. Even if owners have filed their business taxes, they may receive IRS notice Notification of Possible Income


August 13, 2013

Obama’s Tax Policies for Small Businesses Are Damaging

President Obama has again renewed his efforts for corporate tax reform, but small businesses have little to gain from the proposal. In addition, if the proposal to lower the corporate


August 6, 2013

Reforms in Corporate Tax Codes Can Mean “Free Money”

After the Apple controversy, U.S. corporate tax rates are again the subject of debate within the beltway. The need to reform the corporate tax code has intensified after it was


July 30, 2013

Issues That Are Stalling Tax Reform

The tax-writing Senate Finance Committee has asked the Senators to make suggestions regarding the U.S. tax code, but most politicians are reluctant to offer specifics. The tax code, which has


July 25, 2013

Tax Reforms: What is Promised, What is Expected

There has been consensus on the need for tax reforms, but how and how much reform will happen will stay debatable until Congress has acted. Presently, the hot issues are


July 24, 2013

State Sales Tax Holiday Begins

The sales tax holiday on school items will soon begin in 45 of the 50 states. Many are also offering a tax holiday on energy efficient appliances and natural disaster


July 18, 2013

Extra 17% Taxes on Cell Phone Bill

A complicated cell phone bill can make it difficult for consumers to know exactly how much they are paying in taxes for their wireless service. The Tax Foundation, a non-profit


July 16, 2013

IRS Simplifies Home Office Deduction Process

Home offices are steadily growing in numbers. According to sources, more than three million taxpayers can claim the home office deduction. Recently, the IRS made the calculation of the deduction


July 11, 2013

Big U.S. Companies Paid 12.6% Tax Rate: GAO

The U.S. corporate tax rate was criticized when Apple Inc. was found to be evading taxes in the U.S. by using complex legal tax strategies. Now the spotlight has shifted


July 2, 2013

Supreme Court Announces Death of DOMA, Gay Married Couples’ Tax Confusion Stays

The Supreme Court declared the U.S. vs Windsor case, which the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was created under, unconstitutional. DOMA specifically states that for “federal tax purposes, a marriage


June 28, 2013

U.S., Switzerland Tax Deal Fails

The major tax deal between the U.S. and Switzerland has failed. The Switzerland House of Representatives rejected the bill that would have allowed Swiss banks, suspected of helping U.S. taxpayers


June 20, 2013

How Obamacare Will Affect You

The Affordable Care Act hasn’t been fully implemented yet, but the government has started to introduce ways to make buying health insurance easy for the people. Starting September 23, 2012,


June 18, 2013

U.S. Budget Deficit Decreasing Thanks to Increased Revenue

The federal budget deficit is the annual difference between the government’s spending and the revenue collected. With steady economic growth, the U.S. is trying to implement strategies that will decrease


June 13, 2013

Another IRS Controversy: Senior Officials Enjoying a $4.1M Training Conference

The IRS has already raked a nationwide scandal because of its abuse of power in targeting conservative groups. Now, details have emerged of a $4.1 million training conference where senior


June 8, 2013

New Acting IRS Commissioner Appointed, Scandal Carries On

After the Tea Party controversy, Steven T. Miller, acting IRS commissioner, was forced to resign. Taking his place is Daniel I. Werfel, the new acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue


June 4, 2013

U.S. – Switzerland Deal over Swiss Banks Finalized

The U.S. has been in talks with the country of Switzerland on the role of Swiss banks in assisting Americans with tax evasion. The U.S. proposed stopping its investigations of


May 30, 2013

Is the Tax Code Encouraging Tax Evasion?

The U.S. government is making efforts to limit tax evasion from which the Treasury loses billions in tax revenue each year. Even multi-national companies, such as Apple, are now under


May 28, 2013

EU, Apple and Tax Evasion: Apple gets Sandwiched

The European Union’s commitment to make the U.S. tax system simpler may spell trouble for large multi-national companies. Apple is in trouble and currently facing tough questions before the Senate


May 23, 2013

Apple and Tax Code: Whose Needs to Change

Apple Inc. is suspected of using loopholes in the U.S. tax code to evade billions of dollars in taxes. A Senate panel believes the company used overseas accounts to stash


May 21, 2013

IRS Chief Resigns over ‘Tea Party’ Controversy

Acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, Steven Miller, resigned from his post following a report by U.S. Treasury Department‘s Inspector General. The report alleges that the IRS targeted conservative


May 16, 2013

IRS Need to Improve Internal Controls: GAO

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report on May 13, 2013, addressed to Mr. Steven T. Miller, the Acting Commissioner of Internal Revenue, stating that the IRS needed to


May 14, 2013

Consumer Spending Rises Despite Increased Taxes

Most US taxpayers were hit by an increase in payroll taxes in January 2013. It was expected that the increase would affect consumer spending. According to the Commerce Department, the


May 2, 2013

Internet Sales Tax & Revenue Building

States are always looking to maximize the revenue it collects from its residents. The introduction of more taxes or an increase in taxes is a common way states gather additional


April 25, 2013

Tax Filing, Payment Extension for Boston Area Taxpayers

The IRS always offers relief to taxpayers hit by tragedies, and recently announced tax relief for taxpayers living in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and other counties affected by the tragic Boston


April 23, 2013

Late Payment of Taxes

Taxpayers who did not file their taxes by the tax filing deadline, and did not receive an extension, will need to pay a late-filing penalty starting April 16th. The IRS


April 18, 2013

IRS Reminds Taxpayers to Pay Taxes by April 15

The tax season deadline is almost near, with less than two weeks to submit tax returns. After the April 15 deadline, the IRS will charge each taxpayer 0.5 percent of


April 2, 2013

Online Resources for Tax Preparation, Tax Filing, and Refunds

For tax filing, the shift from paper to digital has increased substantially. More than 3 million tax returns have been filed through the IRS’ Free File program since its inception


March 21, 2013

Tax Scammers’ “Sovereign Citizens” Defense

After tax cheats have been caught, they try to defend their fraud by using various defenses. One such defense is the “sovereign citizens” defense. James Beavers and his wife attempted


March 19, 2013

Celebrity Back Taxes: Mary J. Blige & Snoop Dogg Owe the IRS

Recently, Lindsay Lohan was in the news for unpaid taxes from tax years 2009 and 2010, totalling nearly a quarter million dollars. Lohan has joined fellow celebrities, Pamela Anderson, Ozzy


February 19, 2013

Essential Information for Safe and Smooth Tax Filing & Preparation

The IRS knows that filing taxes is not simple. That is why it offers free tax preparation to taxpayers who are 60 years of age or older in various tax


February 14, 2013

Identity Theft Scam Busted, IRS on Its Toes

On Friday in Miami, a tax fraud scheme of $34 million was discovered. Eleven people were indicted for stealing the identities of around 7,000 taxpayers, including 2,700 deceased filers, to


February 13, 2013

Tax Refund Scam Busted in South Florida

A major, multi-million dollar tax refund scam was recently carried out by six people in southern Florida. The accused filed more than 380 fraudulent tax returns to get a whopping


February 6, 2013

Bank Levies and You

There are always surprises in life. Sometimes it’s finding $20 in an old jacket, or bumping into a past friend. Other times the surprise can be a flat tire, or


July 14, 2011

Talking Odd Taxes

The IRS: A massive collection company for the United States Treasury. Accounting firm for the government. A boring place to work. Whatever your definition is for the IRS, the word


June 7, 2011

Don’t be Fooled by Fake IRS E-mails

First and foremost, let me start by stating the IRS would NEVER e-mail you personally. If you find an e-mail in your in-box that claims to be from the IRS,


March 31, 2011

IRS Urges Taxpayers to Take Advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit

You know when the IRS urges you to take advantage of a tax credit, you need to listen. So here’s the skinny. The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) has been


February 3, 2011

The IRS Recognizes Holiday and Gives Taxpayers One Too!

2011 has gotten off to a great start with the news that this year our federal income taxes are due on April 18th instead of April 15th. This bonus time


January 24, 2011

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