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Tax Debt and Your Death

Planning the logistics of your departure from this world may not be a comfortable activity, but a little time and energy on your part can save those you leave behind from an arduous task. You also want to be certain … Continue reading

Tax Debt and Your Marriage

In many ways, handling your taxes can be made easier and provide unique benefits when you’re married. You have the option of streamlining the filing process by filing jointly, merging two annual tax duties into one. However, there are certain … Continue reading

Taxes in the Sharing Economy

You may have heard about how ordinary, average people are now making a living through a variety of unusual jobs. These include renting a room in a house or apartment to overnight guests through Airbnb, or moonlighting as an on-call … Continue reading

Tax Debt and Your Job

While the IRS cannot call up your employer and tell them you owe back taxes, tax debt can have serious consequences on your employment. Tax Defense Network explains how tax debt can affect your job. Continue reading

Estimated Tax Deadline June 15th

Taxpayers who earn income which requires them to estimate and pay their taxes will be required to perform their quarterly task on June 15th. This deadline must be met in order to avoid IRS penalties and late fees. The next … Continue reading

Tax Debt and Your Credit Score

If you owe back taxes, the IRS does not report the debt to credit agencies. In other words, your credit report does not show any balance due for taxes. However, if the IRS places a federal tax lien for non-payment … Continue reading

Scam Alert: The “Federal Student Tax”

A new tax scam targeting students has been quickly gaining momentum. Scammers are making calls to demand payment of a non-existent tax, which they call the “federal student tax”. No such tax exists, but scammers are tricking people into paying … Continue reading