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Nevada State Taxes

Quick Tax Facts

  • income tax wallet icon Income Tax: 0%
  • sales tax - credit card icon State Sales Tax: 6.85%
  • property tax - house icon Median Property Tax: $1,749


Nevada is best known for Las Vegas, a city where many visitors lose too much money, but a few lucky ones strike it rich. For residents of Nevada, however, they’ve hit the tax jackpot. Not only is there no income taxes levied, but they also enjoy some of the lowest property taxes in the nation. Of course, you’ll have to endure lots of hot weather and a high cost of living if you want to make this your home state.

Nevada Income Tax

Nevada does not levy a personal, business, or corporate income tax.

Nevada Sales Tax

Nevada has a minimum statewide sales tax rate of 6.85%, which is high when compared to most other states. Local governments may also levy an additional sales tax. Currently, the top combined sales tax rate is 8.375% in Clark County.

Nevada Property Taxes

Nevada has one of the lowest real estate tax rates in the country, according to a recent survey by WalletHub. This is partly due to the state’s property tax abatement law which limits annual property tax rate increases to 3% or less.

The median property tax paid in Nevada is $1,736 (based on a home value of $315,900). Washoe County has the highest property tax at an average of $1,889. The lowest amount is $414 in Esmeralda County.

Nevada Property Tax






Yearly Cost Per Resident

Nevada Tax Holidays

The state hosts an annual Nevada Day Sales Tax Holiday for Nevada National Guard. This tax-free event is open to service members and their qualifying dependents. It typically takes place the last weekend (Friday – Sunday) in October.

Nevada Tax Resources

If you have questions regarding taxes in Nevada, visit the Nevada Department of Taxation website for additional resources.